FREE WORKSHOP: The 6 Overlooked Causes Of Autoimmunity
The 6 Overlooked Causes of Autoimmunity

Learn Exactly How To Overcome Autoimmune Conditions Using Root Cause Medicine
Saturday, April 14th @ 11AM - 1PM PST

Encorepreneur Cafe | 1548 NE 15th Ave Portland, OR 97232
* This is a FREE Live Workshop. Seating is limited. *

Saturday, April 14th, 2018

@ 11:00AM - 1:00PM PST

Only 40 Spots Available

Very limited workshop...

Dr. Sara DeFrancesco

Naturopathic Doctor, Licensed Acupuncturist
Founder Thriving Force
Did You Know?
Autoimmune conditions are often misdiagnosed as other chronic inflammatory illnesses and if they are diagnosed, the conventional choices for treatment are either "watch and wait" or immune suppressing drugs with significant side effects.

Autoimmune diseases are the result of root cause(s) that can be put into remission with proper investigation and a personalized plan to heal the immune system.
The fastest way to overcome Autoimmunity...
Let go of the “old way” of doing things and find the root cause!
The Old Way:
  •  Hours of wasted time with doctors and specialists
  •  Being limited by the conventional insurance model 
  •  Reducing quality time with your family and friends as your health deteriorates
  •  Ineffectively trying to fix symptoms like weight gain, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, pain, brain fog, and digestive problems with medications
  •  Being faced with skepticism by your doctor when asking about Root Cause Testing and a personalized approach 
  •  Trying various medications with potential negative side effects 
  •  Outdated medical systems that are not able to handle your case with personalized support
The New Way To Address Autoimmunity
We provide a plan, a partnership, and a promise...
The New Way:
  •  A personalized program designed just for you
  •  Identify the root cause(s) of Autoimmune symptoms using Root Cause Lab Testing
  •  A comprehensive plan that is unique to you, and the support to help you execute it every step of the way
  •  A holistic approach that includes customization of your diet, lifestyle, and personalized coaching
  •  Health education & skill training so you can create health for you and your family every day
  •  Inspiring community workshops and access to an online support community
You’ll discover how to do all of that (and so much more) at my upcoming Workshop:
Creating the Perfect Practice in the 21st Century
How to Build, Scale & Grow Your Functional Medicine Practice for the Future
Who is Dr. Sara DeFrancesco?
Meet Dr. DeFrancesco
Dr. Sara DeFrancesco is a Naturopathic Doctor, Licensed Acupuncturist, and the founder of Thriving Force.

Dr. DeFrancesco serves patients as a Root Cause & Lifestyle Medicine Provider. Her role is to provide you with the right education, tools, and support. Dr. DeFrancesco will listen to your story, recommend the right tests, and develop an action plan including health education, proactive medicine, and acupuncture to maximize your health with root-cause care.

Passionate about public education and patients learning to become their own best doctor, Dr. DeFrancesco is the host of Thriving Force Radio and a public speaker who has shared the stage with some of the most innovative physicians in the world including Dr. Sachin Patel, Dr. Rangan Chatterjee, and Dr. Kelly Brogan.
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