You’re not built to feel bad.

In fact, every cell in your body is programmed to restore and maintain health if we provide the right conditions and instructions.

That’s why our approach is focused on root cause(s), lifestyle & nutrition, and environment paired with a comprehensive assessment and functional lab testing to identify blind spots.

If you’ve decided it’s time for a smarter approach to health, the next step is to schedule a discovery call with Dr. DeFrancesco to find out if you qualify and if our solution is a good fit for you.

Apply to work with us and find out if the Thriving Force Method is right for you by scheduling a time to speak with Dr. DeFrancesco.

The Thriving Force Method

The Thriving Force Method is a step-by-step process that combines a root cause approach, health creating habits, and a personalized plan to help you reclaim and maximize your health.

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