Dr. Anderson is medical director of Anderson Medical Specialty Associates, a clinic focusing on the care of patients with cancer and chronic diseases. Former positions include professor of Pharmacology and Clinical Medicine at Bastyr University and Chief of IV Services for Bastyr Oncology Research Center. He is a graduate of NCNM and began instructing classes at naturopathic medical schools in the early 1990’s. He has been involved in both the research and clinical implementation of genomic medicine since genomic testing became available. He presented the first human research regarding the implementation of genomic assessment and treatment in a population of patients with Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Syndromes. He teaches courses in practical genomic medicine and mentors physicians in the use of genomics in their practices.


  • Medicine personalized to your DNA.
  • What your DNA has to say about your nutritional needs.
  • The differences between genetic and genomic medicine.
  • DNA mutations (SNPs) explained.
  • Why MTHFR testing isn’t enough and what tests to get instead.


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Dr. DeFrancesco partners with patients seeking a smarter & sustainable approach to health by doing the detective work to uncover root cause(s) and design a personalized and comprehensive plan that includes nutrition, lifestyle, functional medicine, and root cause therapies.

This approach benefits people who are seeking help with chronic inflammatory conditions, autoimmunity, thyroid conditions, digestive problems, brain health, and health optimization.